Video 22 Aug 7 notes

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am about the presentation my colleague and I are making during the upcoming new student orientation. Our subject? Academic honesty and integrity (an exciting topic of natural interest to freshmen college students, right? Wait, it isn’t?).

So what do we call it?

Be Like Hammer, Not Like Ice: or, Academic Integrity in Higher Education.

The centerpiece of our presentation? This video of Vanilla Ice trying to explain how he didn’t really rip off the Queen/David Bowie classic Under Pressure (or, in academic parlance, failing to sufficiently cite the source of his material).

All in all, we’re using seven (possibly eight) examples from pop culture to show where famous people have gone astray in ways that relate to academic honesty. Also on the docket? Milli Vanilli, of course, plus the now-retracted episode of This American Life that used fabricated stories to “dramatize” the plight of workers at Apple factories in China.

It’s gonna be fun.

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