Text 1 Feb 11 notes

Three presentations down, one to go.

That last one may have been my favorite — on my slides, I used anatomical drawings from our online medical encyclopedias to make an analogy about academic writing for nurses (inspired by this book). Developing your topic is the brain, the structure of your paper (the IMRAD format) is the skeleton. Editing? The kidneys. For each part of my talk, the slide zoomed in on a different anatomical section (Apple’s Keynote + the Magic Move transition = Awesomesauce).

Now the library is closed and dark. In about an hour I’ll head over to the adjacent academic building for my final presentation of the day, about developing a thesis statement for a cross-disciplinary┬áresearch paper on the premodern period. Life as an academic library generalist is fun.

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    Nice! Love the apropos visual analogies: thinking like a designer. I’m curious if you’ve used Slideshark to share...
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