Text 1 Jul 33 notes The tallest library in the world

So many highlights from ALA, and when I’m ready, I’ll write up something long and exhaustive. But my single favorite moment of the conference was at Bibliofollies, when Paul and John were asking trivia questions to the late night librarians in attendance.

"What is the tallest library in the world?"

And without missing a beat, Kate, from the far side of the theater from me, blurted out “DANIEL RANSOM!”.

And it was deemed the correct answer.

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    I don’t know how to pick favorite moments from a weekend so chock full of awesome, but this is definitely in the top 5....
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    This was also the night a burlesque dancer danced to the Reading Rainbow theme song, so it was pretty perfect all...
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    This is canon.
  4. thelifeguardlibrarian said: i still swear he said librarian
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